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We transform any type of container to your liking: door,
metal curtain, insulation, paint your colors, air conditioning, etc.

We are doing marine container processing for the
robustness and security they bring. Container arrangements
are made at the request of the customer. Easily transportable, they offer a logistics solution adapted to your projects.

  • Accessories Shutlock (high security bar), padlock, padlock cover, sealed seals, shelter kit.
  • Sale of Containers Sale of new and used maritime containers.
  • Facilities Customized container arrangements (containers) for businesses and individuals. Storage, archiving, site offices, specific workshops, garden shelters, habitat ...
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  • Adresse: Lotissement Cariacou PAE de Dégrad des Cannes
  • 97354 Remire Montjoly
  • Guyane Française
  • Phone :
  • International: +594.694.28.61.63
  • Mail : contact@boxdesign973.com
  • Adresse: Zone de Stockage de l'Hydrobase. Pointe des carrières.
  • 97200 Fort-de-France,
  • Phone :
  • International :+596 696.40.10.20
  • Mail : contact@boxdesign972.com

Specialist in container trading and rental BoxDesign97 offers containers for all applications. For years, we have been a reliable partner for container systems of all kinds. These are containers that can be designed and combined according to their intended use.


In the case of renovations or construction sites, mobile room systems can be used as temporary solutions, e. g. school containers, residential containers, office containers and construction containers. Containers can also be used as permanent and mobile solutions, such as sanitary containers, storage containers or material containers. If you have special requirements for the desired containers, BoxDesign97 will be happy to help you with its special solutions. With our many years of experience, we are sure to find the right solution. Rent, buy containers You can rent or buy our containers. If you need space in the short to medium term, we will be happy to make you an offer for a rental. If you have decided to buy a container, you are in good hands with us. In all cases, the advantages are maximum flexibility, low prices and short delivery and assembly times. Individual containers, room systems according to requirements There are no limits to the design of containers. Office containers, construction containers and residential containers can be designed according to your wishes. Both inside and out. Our containers are used in many areas. They are used as crew quarters or offices on construction sites, as alternative offices in industrial companies or as classrooms. It is not only in times of economic fluctuations that the question arises for companies and municipalities to temporarily or permanently cover the need for additional space with mobile office systems or container buildings. In this way, workstations can be created, meeting rooms created or entire parts of the company outsourced at a lower cost. We adapt the equipment and dimensions to your ideas and wishes, so that a functional, individual and modern container building can be created as soon as possible. Local authorities, schools, kindergartens and companies use us to cover their space needs quickly and in the short term. Comprehensive advice on container issues On our pages, you will find detailed information on construction containers, office containers, residential containers, school containers, equipment containers, toilet containers, sanitary containers and storage containers as well as individual offers on request. In addition, we are happy to help you furnish and equip containers, for example with kitchens, office chairs, tables and sanitary facilities.

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